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Dan's third album, Pathways, written for cello and piano, released in September 2017. Instrumental classical music; romantic and expressive. Performed by Katy Cox (cello) and Richard P John (piano)

'Shadows', written for Violin, Cello and Piano was released in November 2013 and is Dan's second album. Performed by James Grindle (violin), Jemma Wells (cello) and Karyn Phelps (piano). All music composed by Dan Phelps.

The album 'Serenity' is ideal for general relaxation or for any halcyon/tranquil setting. It was commissioned by Jayne Sarah Therapies and has been well received by her clients.

"A wonderful album, less a collection of songs more a raft of beautiful soundscapes to put on and laze the day away, film producers and television execs could do a lot worse than to schedule some of Dan’s work in to their productions. The best £6 you’ll spend this year" Chris Phillips (BRfm)